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The Recent News About “Blue Blood” Season 13 Has Made the Viewers Upset

The CBS channel-based crime-thriller series “Blue Bloods” has been fans’ favourite show since 2010. The program is now in its 13th season, with the most recent episodes airing on February 10th.

While the fans were curiously waiting for the next episodes (Season 13, Episode 14), the latest news saddened the viewers. The show makers revealed that the next episode will now premiere on Friday, 3rd March 2023.

On 17th February, CBS aired an old episode, “Firewall”, from Season 12, instead of the new episode.

Moreover, instead of premiering “Blue Blood,” CBS will run a couple of episodes of “Fire Country,” a new drama, on February 24th. “Fire country” is a TV drama where inmates on paid suspension assist in controlling wildfire.

The last episode (Episode 13), of “Blue Blood”, titled “Past History”, ended emotionally when Frank, who was trying to discipline his grandson, was later seen sharing home movies with his grandson Joe.

After the episode premiered on 10th February, the fans could not resist praising the episode. So they showered the Blue Bloods Instagram with appreciative comments. One of the viewers said, “I absolutely love when Joe appears & I love Tom such a fantastic scene.” And the other wrote, “THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST SEASON 13 EPISODES YET! “What an episode! The ending with Frank and Joe was so real. Great acting and writing.”

Hence, as the episode ended with such great emotions, we can understand why the fans are eager for the new episode.

So, with the delay of the remaining episodes of “Blue Bloods” Season 13, and the absence of any confirmation about Season 14, fans appear to be more disappointed.

However, there is no need to overthink the situation because CBS didn’t reveal the renewal of Season 13 until the end of April last year. Thus, we can be hopeful that, like last year, CBS will announce the release date of Season 14 at the last minute.

Interestingly, some of the dedicated fans even said they don’t mind the delay in Season 13 as long as it is not cancelled.

But,  as of now, let’s wait for Season 13, Episode 14, to premiere on 3rd March 2023.

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