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Blue Bloods’ Cast 2023: Coming & Goings.

Blue Bloods premiered on CBS in 2010. A lot has gone down in these ten years. The Blue Bloods cast has grown significantly more prominent over the decade, but just as we got to see new faces walk in, we are also getting to see some old faces leave.

Furthermore, we are facing speculations of many other Blue Bloods stars going as well. Here is a list of all the actors with a little bio on each of them.

The Current ‘Blue Bloods‘ Cast.

Almost all of the main cast of Blue Bloods are still with the show. The majority of the recurring cast also always portray their respective characters. Let us take a look at all of them.

1. Len Cariou as Henry Reagan.

We have to begin with the Blue Bloods patriarch Len Cariou. Sure, Frank Reagan may portray the role more often, and Danny Reagan is arguable the show’s central character; we have to respect Henry Reagan as the technical family patriarch.

The actor behind it, Len Cariou, is the oldest cast member, at 81. He was born on September 30, 1939. His character, Henry, is much older, approximately in his late 80s and early 90s.

Photo of Len Carious as Henry Reagan in Blue Bloods.
Len Carious plays the role of Henry Reagan in Blue Bloods.

Despite his old age, Len Cariou can still keep up with his younger co-stars. At this point, he has worked on 213 episodes of the CBS’ Blue Blood. His character, Henry Reagan, is a retired police commissioner.

His conservative thinking, like his son, Frank Reagan, often upsets the viewers. However, loyal fans still love him for his background as the child of an alcoholic father and a World War II vet who fought in Korea.

2. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan.

In his prime, Tom Selleck stole the hearts of women as the private investigator in ‘Magnum PI.’ Later on, he’d come back to serve as everybody’s stern yet cool favorite father figure, Frank Reagan.

Frank Reagan may be Henry Reagan’s son, but Tom Selleck is only six years younger than Len Cariou, who plays his father. Tom is much older than his character, who is in his mid-60s to late 60s. Personally, Selleck was born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan.

Photo of Tpm Selleck of Blue Bloods.
Tom Selleck plays Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods.

Police Commissioner Frank Reagan is the only child of Henry and the late Betty Reagan. He did have an older brother, Peter, who died from Leukemia at just 18 months old. Reagan is a war hero, as well as a survivor and first responder during 9/11. He is a father of four; Danny, Erin, Joe, Jamie, and a grandfather to Nicky, Jack, and Sean.

3. Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan.

Daniel Fitzerald Reagan is the oldest son of Frank Reagan and his late mother, Mary Reagan. In the first few seasons, it was always hinted or subtly implied that Danny was the oldest fourth-generation Reagan child.

Photo of Donnie Wahlberg, cast of Blue Bloods.
Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods.

He was a Marine who rejoined the Corps after 15 years on NYPD. It led to him serving two tours in Iraq. Danny lost his entire platoon and returned as a lone survivor, which gave him post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt.

His rough war background probably makes him an old-school cop who mostly does things by the book but also opts to harsher methods if he feels it’s necessary. Frank often worries about his bad-cop persona that lands him in trouble with his superiors.

Danny Reagan is a father to two sons, Jack and Sean Reagan, with his late wife, Linda Reagan. His great work as a detective often puts him in the crosshairs of powerful criminal enemies who target him and his family as payback. He had his house burnt down once, and there is a new discovery that a cartel hitman was behind the death of her wife, who, until now, was thought lost in an accident.

4. Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan.

Bridget Moynahan plays the role of Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, who is the only Frank Reagan’s daughter. Unlike the rest of the men in her family, she chose a DA but did carry a gun, and Frank even says that she is a better shot than her brothers, Danny and Jamie. She is divorced from her ex-husband, John Boyle (Peter Hermann), with whom she shares one daughter, Nicky Reagan.

Moynahan changed her name back to Erin Reagan from Reagan-Boyle in season 3 of the series. Since then, Erin has had many romantic relationships, but none of them lasted. Erin has also come face to face with life-threatening dangers at the hands of criminals many times.

Reagan was a bit of a wild child in her past, as found out in a series of flashbacks. She is among the 5 only Blue Bloods cast members who have her appearances in all 218 episodes.

5. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan.

Will Estes is the 5th and last cast member of the Blue Bloods to appear in all 218 episodes of the series. He is the youngest of Frank’s children and an NYPD sergeant. Will Estes’s character is a Harvard Law School graduate who gave continuity to his late brother, Joe Reagan’s ongoing investigation of the Blue Templar. He has had a couple of different partners in the beginning seasons, but since season 4 has been assigned with Officer Eddie Janko.

Photo of Will Estes as Jamie Raegan in Blue Bloods.
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods.

Since 2013, Jamie and Eddie began having romantic feelings for each other. In the beginning, they tried their best to stop their attraction but couldn’t. They were engaged in season 8 and finally got married to the season 9 finale. Will Estes is about the same age as his character, Jamie Reagan. Reagan is in his 40s, and Will Estes turns 42 years old this year, being born on October 21, 1978.

6. Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan.

Surprisingly, Andrew plays the role of Danny’s younger son, Sean that ranks 6th when it comes to the total number of appearances in episodes. He has missed out on only 1 episode appearing in over 217 episodes. In both his real and reel life, Andrew Terraciano is still in his high school, so he can manage time for shooting Blue Bloods while also staying true to his character. He was born in February 2002, a year older than his character, who was born in 2003.

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7. Abigail Hawk as Abigail Baker.

Abigail Hawk’s character of 2nd-grade detective Abigail Baker is among the recurring cast members with the most appearances on the show with credits for 191 episodes. During her season 1 appearance, her name was Det. Melissa Baker, but since season 2, fans got to know her as Abigail Hawk. In the season 4 episode ‘Manhattan Queens,‘ Baker was the center of the storyline for facing sexual harassment from her superior officer.

Photo of Blue Bloods's cast, Abigail Hawk.
Abigail Hawk portrays the role of Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods.

8. Gregory Jbara as Garrett Moore.

Gregory Jbara is another important recurring character of the series appearing in 181 episodes as Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore. He, too, remains a cast member since the series’ inception in 2010. Gregory Jbara is a famous singer and Broadway actor.

Photo of Gregory Jbara, cast of Blue Bloods.
Gregory Jbara plays Garrett Moore in Blue Bloods.

9. Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez.

Marisa Ramirez is part of the Blue Bloods cast. She plays the role of 1st Grade Detective Maria Baez. Moreover, Ramirez came in 2013 as Danny Reagan’s new partner, and something must be different about her from Danny’s more than half a dozen partners from the past because she is still his partner after around 7 years.

Maria has had a few relationships that do not work out, and even Danny has addressed her inability to maintain relationships. Ramirez holds credits for appearing in more than 158 episodes of the series.

Image of Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez in Blue Bloods.
Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez in Blue Bloods.

10. Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko.

Vanessa joined the Blue Bloods cast back in season 4. Currently, she is one of the leading cast members, but her late arrival means that she is present in only 144 episodes of the show.

Eddie Janko is a very dexterous police officer who takes her work seriously. She comes from Hungarian and Serbian ancestry from her mother’s side and can speak fluent Serbian. Danny first brought her in to bust a Serbian sex-trafficking ring.

Her love chemistry with Jamie Reagan is one of the major storylines of the series. After giving in and pulling back, the two finally leaped faith, and fortunately, it was for the best. The two are now happily married.

Two Main Cast Memebers Leaving the Show.

Sami Gayle and Tony Terraciano both represent the fifth and newest generation of the Reagan family as their roles of Nicky Reagan and Jack Reagan, respectively. Both the actors grew up with the show and their characters accordingly.

Is Sami Gayle Leaving Blue Bloods?

Nicky Reagan was a fiery individual, always too smart for her age. She kept her hair short throughout high school, representing her non-conformist persona, but gradually grew it.

Nicky is not afraid to confront her uncle Danny, grandfather Frank, or great grandfather Henry about their conformist and other questionable views. She went to study in Colombia Univerity, which her mother is an alumnus of.

Blue Bloods' cast, Sami Gayle.
Blue Bloods’ cast, Sami Gayle.

Coincidentally, in real life, Sami Gayle graduated from Columbia University in 2018 since she shares almost the same age as her character. Since the show’s beginning in 2010, Sami Gayle has been a fundamental part of the Blue Bloods cast. She is part of a total of 212 episodes (ranking 7th highest appearances).

She missed out on many episodes in season 9 due to her education, which became the same reason Nicky Reagan was missing from the series for a short while. In season 10, Nicky reveals that she plans to move to San Francisco, California, where a job awaits her since she is now a graduate.

It is a clear indication that it will mean Sami Gayle will be leaving the series as Nicky Gayle for some time. However, no one is certain if she is permanently leaving the Blue Bloods cast forever. No official confirmations have come yet, but it is still a sad moment for fans as we will not be seeing much of her.

Is Tony Terraciano leaving Blue Bloods?

Furthermore, Tony Terraciano, who plays Jack Reagan, is also set to leave the Blue Bloods cast as he joins University very soon. In real life, Tony is already attending Vanderbilt University, a private college in Nashville, Tennesse.

His senior year in high school already cost him a few appearances in 2019, and thus, he is only in a total of 185 episodes. Now that he has to focus on his higher education, speculations from his exit from the show are also going on, which is easily possible as Jack also has to leave for college soon.

Photo of Blue Bloods' cast, Tony Terraciano.
Tony Terraciano may be leaving the role of Jack Reagan in Blue Bloods.

Both Sami Gayle and Tony Terraciano may indeed be leaving the Blue Bloods cast soon. However, no confirmations from official sources tell us despite so many rumors tells us that it may not be permanent.

Both of them are leaving for their personal life and education development, which can’t be helped. It is an understandable reason, and their characters will likely return or continue on through guest appearances.

Blue Bloods Cast who Left the Show.

Goodbyes are the hardest part, but in TV series that try to convey life-like action and drama, it has to be inevitable tha some stars leave either from the storyline perspective or personal reasons.

1. Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan.

We might not even have to address it as Linda Reagan’s exit from the show is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind since it was also the latest one. Amy Carlson was the actress behind the role who was originally a recurring Blue Bloods cast member in the first season.

However, since season 2, we got to see major character development in Linda Reagan, who was not just a housewife and mother. She went back to being a nurse and time and again was a badass.

Photo of ex-cast of Blue Bloods, Amy Carlson.
Amy Carlson left the role of Linda Reagan.

She nearly escaped death many times, from being shot to mugged to having her house burned down. However, a helicopter crash on May 28, 2017, would finally cause the character’s death.

In reality, it was Amy Carlson who chose to stop playing the role of Linda Reagan after 7 years, 8 seasons, and 155 episodes. In return, the creative team thought it was right for the character to be killed off, which Amy was not particularly happy with.

Amy Carlson has said that she will be happy to return to the show as a guest star. She even gave hints that her character may not be dead just yet.

2. Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola.

First-grade detective Jackie Curatola was one of the most popular partners of Danny Reagan, excluding Maria Baez. She was also his first partner from his present timeline in the series since 2010. Jackie was a victim of sexual harassment from the criminals and some of her colleagues.

Jennifer Esposito left the Blue Bloods cast in 2012 following her character, Jackie’s early retirement.

Photo of Jennifer Esposito who played as Jackie Curatola in Blue Bloods.
Jennifer Esposito was a star of Blue Bloods as Jackie Curatola for a year.

3. Nicholas Turturro as Anthony Renzulli.

It is often small roles that end up making the biggest impact in Blue Bloods. When we talk about rich characters, we meant characters like former Sergeant Anthony Renzulli. Renzulli has deep ties with the Reagan family. He was a training officer of Joe Reagan in the beginning of his career. Likewise, he was the first partner and training officer of Jamie Reagan. They have become good friends since, even after going their separate ways.

Photo of Nicholas Turturro as Anthony Renzulli in Blue Bloods.
Nicholas Turturro as Anthony Renzulli in Blue Bloods.

Jamie often comes to Anthony for advice as a friend and as a mentor. In 2013, Renzulli moved to do a desk job 2013, and we also learn that he paints as a side job to earn more money and better provide for his family. He has a bit of a gambling problem, but he put it in a halt after Frank once bailed him out of $3,000 in debt. Nicholas Turturro left the series in 2016.

4. David Ramsey as Mayor Carter Poole.

David Ramsey was a part of the Blue Bloods cast from 2011 to 2017. People still can easily recognize him as Mayor Carter Poole, who is relatably a good character but, as a politician, does have some shady moments.

These were all the cast members of Blue Bloods, those who left, those who may leave, and those who remain in the cast. I hope you had a great time reading all about them.

Blue Bloods Cast Member Table.

Current Blue Bloods Cast Members Blue Bloods Cast Members who may leave Former Blue Bloods Cast Members
Len Carious Tony Terraciano Amy Carlson
Tom Selleck Sami Gayle Jennifer Esposito
Donnie Wahlberg Nicholas Turturro
Bridget Moynahan David Ramsey
Will Estes
Andrew Terraciano
Abigail Hawk
Gregory Jbara
Marisa Ramirez
Vanessa Ray

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