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Bridget Moynahan Husband Andrew Frankel Net Worth, Religion, First Wife and Facts

Bridget Moynahan is a successful actress who has become famous for both her films and TV shows. Other than that, she was also the ex-girlfriend of NFL legend Tom Brady.

Moynahan is married to a businessman, Andrew Frankel. Who is Andrew? Well, you will have to read on below to learn all about Andrew Frankel’s net worth, married life, and bio. We will also be talking about his first wife and children, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Who is Andrew Frankel?

Andrew Frankel is the co-president of Stuart Frankel and Co. Inc., a brokerage firm. It is a position he has held since December 1994. As you may be able to tell from the company’s name, it was founded by Andrew Frankel’s father, Stuart Frankel, in 1973.

Image of Bridget Moynahan and her husband, Andrew Frankel together.
Bridget Moynahan with her husband, Andrew Frankel.

Andrew Frankel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Remarkably, Andrew had already started working for the company a year before his graduation.

Age & Birthday; Meet His Family.

Andrew Frankel was born on August 20, 1974, in Philadelphia, USA. He is set to turn 47 years old this year. He is the son of Stuart and Sharyn Frankel. Additionally, he has one sibling, Jefferey Frankel, who serves as the other co-president of their father’s company. Andrew Frankel and his family are Jewish by religion.

Photo of Andrew Frankel's family in front of their company.
Andrew Frankel’s company, Stuart Frankel and Co. Inc.

Andrew Frankel Career

Frankel’s income majorly comes from his mono-centric career in business. He has been the co-president of Stuart Frankel Co. Inc. for an impressive run of almost 27 years. Andrew defines the institution as a “corporate access, global idea generation, and execution brokerage firm” in Wall Street.

Some of his key functions in the company include overseeing sales efforts and the US cash equities. He also observes the trading desk on the New York Stock Exchange.

Net worth and Income.

It is fair to say that finance is one of the most lucrative ventures all around. According to Andrew’s bio, he also worked as an anchor, news reporter, camera operator, and editor. Additionally, he is married to Bridget Moynahan, whose personal wealth is valued at $30 million.

As of 2021, Andrew Frankel’s net worth is approximately $80 million. It is hardly surprising as his family’s company is probably worth billions. Frankel has also seen the growth of over $4.5 billion in Stuart Frankel Co. Inc. after he took over as co-president.

Married Life, His Beautiful Wedding.

Andrew and Bridget Moynahan met through mutual friends. They began dating and then got married on October 17, 2015. The most magical thing about their wedding was probably that none of their guests even knew that they were attending a wedding.

They arrived at Wölffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack, New York thinking it was a harvest moon party. This is what the invitation hinted at. The second most magical thing then was, of course, his wife, Bridget, who was wearing a sleeveless mermaid gown dress with a white fur crop jacket. Furthermore, she kept silk organza rose on her hair to complete her look.

The guest-list was starlit too, with actresses like Jennifer Garner, Katie Couric, and her ‘Blue Bloods‘ brother, Donnie Wahlberg, in attendance. In return, the guests were gifted a pack of monogrammed beer.

In October 2019, the couple got to celebrate their 4th anniversary. It means that they are nearing their 6th anniversary as well. We still have not even got over Bridget’s celebration of their 4th anniversary, where she put out a throwback picture of their wedding, wishing her husband a happy anniversary as well.

Andrew Frankel Children; His First Wife & Married Life.

The only person that knew of the wedding was Bridget’s son, John Edwards Thomas Moynahan. Most people know that John is the son of Bridget and her ex-boyfriend, Tom Brady. The couple was dating for almost three years, from as early as 2004 to December 14, 2006.

Brady almost immediately moved on with his new girlfriend and current wife, Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian model. It made things that much weirder when 2 and a half months after their split, Moynahan became pregnant with John.

Things were pretty weird for a long time, but the three still managed to co-parent Jack healthily. Bridget Moynahan was also briefly dating director Joseph McGinty Nichol.

Photo of Bridget Moynahan and her ex-husband, Tom Brady.
Bridget Moynahan was dating Football Player Tom Brady for 2 years.

Andrew Frankel’s love life is sadly not as elaborative as his wife’s. All we know is that he was married at least once and had three children in the process.

Andrew Frankel’s Quick-Facts.

Name Andrew Frankel
Profession Businessman
Birthdate August 20, 1974
Birthplace Philadelphia, USA
Net Worth $80 million
Marital Status Married
Wife Bridget Moynahan
Children 3 (from a previous marriage)

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