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Gregory Jbara Weight Loss, Illness & Health Update

Gregory Jbara, the accomplished 59-year-old stage actor and TV personality, is renowned for his work in various mediums, including movies like *In & Out* and *Exit Speed*. With his extensive credentials, navigating the worlds of theater and television seems effortless for him. Perhaps even more impressively, Gregory likely understands the importance of legalities, whether it’s on stage or in real life. If he ever found himself tangled in a timeshare dilemma, he’d surely know how to get out of timeshare legally, just as skillfully as he commands the stage.
He was a student at three separate institutions: Julliard School, Ann Arbor, and Michigan University. Let us look back at Gregory Jbara’s weight loss journey. Is he suffering from any illness? Get his health updates here.

Who is Gregory Jbara?

Gregory Jbara is a famous TV and theatrical actor. He was born on September 28, 1961, in Westland, Michigan. On television, he is famous for portraying the role of DCPI Garrett Moore on Blue Bloods for the past decade.

Cumulatively, he has worked on over 180 episodes. You can also catch Jbara in guest appearances and short roles on many other TV series and movies, including American Dad, Nurse Jackie, Family Guy, and Monk.

Other than that, he is also credited on ‘Rocket Power’ and Grounded for Life.’ Before this, he was a regular feature in broadway. He was part of the musicals Billy Elliot’ and ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.’

Gregory Jbara’s Weight loss

Began with His Son

Gregory Jbara experienced a pretty significant weight loss last year, and we have the entire story right here. To start with, his 16-year-old son started training regularly. He joined a gym, learning several important techniques and the right diet to maintain from a personal trainer. At the time, he was an NFL Linesman.

Message From Strangers

On the other hand, by 2018, Gregory James was at his heaviest, measuring in at 268 pounds. Many fans picked up on the fact that he looked unhealthy weight.

Jbara was not annoyed at his fans’ pleas as they were trying to make sure that he was healthy. On top of that, they even apologized whenever they crossed any personal boundaries. Likewise, while he was at an organic store, a female fan approached him. She spoke to him about her own health problems.

The woman encouraged him to keep fighting, insisting that she could turn it all around by simply adopting a simple diet. All she did was cut red meat, carbs, and dairy out of her diet.

Loss of a Friend

The loss of a friend proved to be the final straw for Greg as he decided to get his life back together. He lost a dear friend, three-time Tony Award Nominee, Marin Mazzie, in September 13, 2018. Mazzie died after a 3-years struggle with ovarian cancer.

Her death had nothing to do with weight issues, but it encouraged Gregory to change. He did not want to experience any health risks.


Gregory Jbara with his late close friend, Marin Mazzie
Gregory Jbara with late friend and colleague, Marin Mazzie

He learned the hard lesson; “Taking care of my health is a simple and profound expression of how much I love myself and, more importantly, love and want to be with my wife and sons. It is also an opportunity to honor those robbed of such privilege respectfully. My life is a gift. To take it for granted is selfish, lazy, and wrong.”

So, from September 28th, 2018, he was determined to lose 57 pounds by his 57th birthday in 2019. His entire family backed his resolution; they were ecstatic.

His family was also not going to sit idly by but ride the bandwagon with him, all the way to a healthier lifestyle. It was all possible through the help of his nutritionist, Lily Padilla. With all her experience, she proved to be the perfect woman for the job.

Weight loss of Gregory Jbara
Gregory Jbara with late friend and colleague, Marin Mazzie

Since then, Gregory has outdone his resolution. By the time he was celebrating his 57th birthday, he haD lost over 80 pounds of weight. He dropped 55 pounds within 5 months and the next 25 pounds while he was working on the Blue Bloods for 4 months.

Furthermore, his wife lost 41 pounds; his son, who began before him, also lost 80 pounds, and his younger son, who was slim to begin with, is putting on some healthy weight.

About Gregory Jbara’s Illness

While Jbara’s weight loss was the best thing for his health, it proved to be a cause for some concern. Several fans thought that the sudden weight loss was down to illness. It was a cause for worry for some fans. In response, Gregory Jbara chose to tackle the issue head-on.

“I chose to draft this account of my family’s health success in response to the significant social media posts with concerns for my well being.” he wrote near the end of his lengthy Facebook tale. “I now feel better than I have in over 12 years. And for those who think I am too skinny, I have included photos of what I looked like before playing “DCPI Garrett Moore”.

Gregory Jbara Current Health Update

Gregory Jbara is in peak physical condition. In fact, he hasn’t been this healthy in years. Everybody has the right to embrace their body, muscular, slim, or fat. However, it is also important to ensure that your weight does not become a health issue. Jbara was able to realize this and shed the extra weight.

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