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Is Will Estes Married to Wife or Is He Gay? His Net Worth and Wiki.

Will Estes stands among the top-tier TV actors that people easily recognize from different projects of his career. He began acting from a young age and is most notable for ‘Reunion‘ or ‘American Dreams.’

However, you may be like us and be fans of him through the CBS police drama ‘Blue Bloods.’ Despite being in the acting and entertainment business for so long, Will Estes leads a pretty discreet married and dating life.

You may also have a lot of queries and confusion as to who is his wife or girlfriend. Is Will Estes gay, or does he have a partner? Find out along with his surprising net worth and other facts about his life and bio below;

Photo of Will Estes.
Will Estes’s net worth and married life.

Is Will Estes Married to Rachel Boston?

Will Estes was in a relationship with actress Rachel Boston, but the details are so lost that it is practically a rumor. Despite so many speculations about their dating life, both of them have remained mum about it.

Many reports even suggested that the ‘American Dreams‘ co-stars were engaged and to be married. We did not know it then, but years after, as of now, we can confirm that they are not in a relationship.

Photo of Will Estes and rumored wife, Rachel Boston.
Will Estes was rumored to be married to co-star, Rachel Boston.

So, Rachel Boston is not Will Estes’s wife. However, Estes does have a fair share of rumors about his love life because of how discreet he keeps it. Before Rachel Boston, there were rumors that he was dating Jennifer Love Hewitt back in 2004.

Another of his supposed relationship that remains a mystery. However, if both Jennifer and Rachel did have a fling with Will, it was a brief one.

Photo of Will Estes and rumored girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Is Will Estes Gay?

The trouble with being famous is that keep your love life too much of a secret, and people will also start questioning your sexuality. It is not invalid, we guess, for people to ask if Will Estes is gay.

However, on top of his unconfirmed relationships with actresses Rachel Boston and Jennifer Love Hewitt, he is also dating stints with other women.

Image of Will Estes and his ex-girlfriend, Mia Kang.
Will Estes with ex-girlfriend, Mia Kang.

Will Estes was dating actress Vanessa Lengies for almost two years from 2002 to 2004. He was also briefly seeing the Hong Kong-born model and Muay Thai fighter, Mia Kang, in 2012. No, Will Estes is not gay, but he is single currently, but seeing how he likes to enjoy privacy, we wouldn’t be sure.

Will Estes’s Net Worth.

Will Estes’s career began at a young age as a replacement actor for a young Brandon DeMott Capwell in the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara‘ in 1984 when he was only around six years old.

Estes would continue bagging small roles in several small and big films, TV shows, and commercials. His breakthrough role came with the 2000 submarine film U-571. Another one of his essential films was a small appearance as a police officer in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

However, he became established as a TV actor since the beginning of his career. Right after his first TV role in Santa Barbara, he was a child actor for two different roles in two episodes of ‘Highway to Heaven.’ However, his real talent shone when he got to play the role of series regular Will McCollough in ‘The New Lassie‘ from 1989 to 1992.

He did several other TV movies and shows, finally getting more recurring and essential roles in series like ‘It Had to be you,’ ‘Boy Meets World,’ and ‘Full House.’ However, none of them made him as famous as ‘Kirk‘ and ‘American Dreams.’ He also appears in CBS police drama ‘Blue Bloods‘ as Sergeant Jamie Reagan, a role he began portraying from 2010 to present. Will Estes’s net worth, after all his long and outstanding career, is $5 million.

Will Estes Height in Comparison to Rest of the Blue Bloods Cast.

According to most websites, Estes’s height is 5 feet and 10 inches or 1.77 meters, which we find odd because his co-star and leading cast member Donnie Wahlberg’s height is also 5 feet and 10 inches. The bizarre thing here is that Donnie Wahlberg is a little taller than Will Estes.

We think that our online sources may be wrong here, and Will Estes’s height is around 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters to be more exact.

Photo of Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes together.
Donnie Wahlberg is taller than Will Estes in terms of height.

Let us see how that fares out with the rest of the Blue Bloods cast’s height, shall we? His on-screen wife, Eddie Janko, aka Vanessa Ray’s height is 5 feet and 3 inches or 163 meters. I

f you are a ‘Jamko’ (couple name combining their character names, Jamie and Janko) fan, then you should know that no way Will Estes has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches according to their height differences.

Will Estes’s Age; Is He Youngest Among the Blue Bloods Cast?

Will Estes’s young looks have everybody believing that he is the youngest of the Blue Bloods cast, but he is actually the 5th oldest cast member of the show.

The top 4 oldest are as evident as the family storyline plots with Len Carious being the oldest at 81 years old, which is fair considering that he is playing the role of the Reagan family patriarch Henry who is at least in his 90s.

Similarly, his on-screen son, Frank Reagan, played by the legendary Tom Selleck, comes second at 75 years old. The real age of actors is quite baffling sometimes.

To think that Selleck is only 6 years younger than the actor playing his father is shocking, but his character’s age is set to be moreover in his 60s. Donnie Wahlberg fits his character’s age at 51 years old, and so does Bridget Moynahan at 49 years of age. She does play his younger sister, Erin, after all.

Finally, comes Will Estes, who is 41 years old being born on October 21, 1978. Estes will also soon be turning 42 years old in a couple of months. He was born in Los Angeles, California, where he still currently resides. Furthermore, his TV wife, Vanessa Ray, is 39 years old in 2020.

Will Estes’s Parents & Siblings

Will Estes’s full name is Will Estes Nipper as he was born to father, Bill Nipper, and mother, Mary Lu Nipper. He is the only son of his parents, so he does not have any siblings.

Is Will Estes Related to Rob Estes?

No, Will Estes is not related to Bob Estes, the golfer, or the actor. Many people think that Robert Estes or Rob Estes, the actor from the crime drama, ‘Silk Stalkings’, and the teen drama series ‘90210.’ The 57-year-old actor shares the same name with Will Estes.

However, don’t feel stupid for thinking that he was related to Rob Estes as Will has been asked that question a lot. So, for both humor and out of annoyance, he began answering that yes, he was not only related to Rob Estes, but he was his father who doesn’t acknowledge him.

“People used to always ask me if I was related to Rob Estes and I used to try to start to entertain myself. So, I used to say, ‘He’s my dad but he doesn’t really acknowledge me anymore.’” He would eventually tell people that he was just kidding.

Will even got to meet Rob Estes on an audition once and told him about the hysterical story he was making up.

“One time [Rob] came into the studio before an audition and he sat down next to me,” said Will. “He had a meeting. I said, ‘Rob, have you ever heard this story? Because I’ve been saying that you’re my dad and you won’t admit that I’m your kid.’ He thought it was really funny too, I was really glad.”

Will Estes’s Wiki-Facts.

  1. Will Estes is a star of several music videos like Meat Loaf’s ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They are.
  2. Estes was also part of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life‘ music video after meeting the rock music brand on the U-571 movie sets. In the music video, he is running to make it to a Bon Jovi concert. Will Estes did all of the stunts in the video himself.
  3. He appeared in the 2007 short film Ty Roberts’ film Luz Del Mundo.
  4. He won three consecutive nominations for the Young Artists award in the Best Young Actor category in 1990, 1991, and 1992. Furthermore, he also was nominated for the same award in Best Performance by a Young Actor in 1996 for ‘Kirk.’
  5. He won a Prism award in 2014 as well as a Golden Honu Award for Actor of the Year in 2015 for his role in Blue Bloods.

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